Friday, 6 September 2019

On line Classes FOR Ayurvedic Students

On line Classes FOR Ayurvedic Students
By Prof Dr R R Deshpande

In Marathi or Hindi or English Medium

Based on CCIM Syllabus From First to Final year of BAMS

For Any subject ( Except Sanskrit)

Ayurvedic & Modern Parts Both

Through Internet ---Skype

To experience My Teaching –

Go to youtube –Type Rajendra Deshpande -- in search –Click on Rajendra Deshpande – Then in the Menu –Click on Playlist -- & Try any Audio or Video

Please Give me your whats up number 

Please call me on 9226810630 ,any day Except Friday & Sunday from 9 to 11 am --So that we can plan Programme 

On line classes are like one to one or with me & from your side may be 1 or more 
Classes can be taken from 7 to 8 pm on week days ( Not on Sunday ) through Skype only 

So you will have to arrange for Internet & Skype from your Side .Then my Fees for one hour Skype is Rs 100 only for each student ,who is attending from your side

First one hour Skype will be without any fees for Just planning the Programme . If any class is taken with PPT & If student is interested to get PPT through whats up ,he will have to pay rs 20 to 50 more ,depending on Size pf PPT 

Then for further any New 1 hour Skype you will have to make advance payment for Each class ,of one hour Rs 100 through Paytm to my account on 9226810630 --Then only Skype will be done 

If any doubts call me on 9226810630 

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