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Research & Medical Statistics Question Paper

MD Prelim –Winter 2019 –Research & Medical Statistics  Question Paper

DTP by –Dr Amar Ande

Inspiration & Upload by –Prof Dr R R Deshpande

Upload on --  16 Dec 19

Research Methodology


    a)  Describe the importance of Ethics in Medical Research and explain various aspects of human and animal experimentation.

    b) Write down the comparison between Ayurvedic and contemporary research methodology and explain the importance of Dasha Vidha Pariksha Bhava.

    c) Write the Protocol for assessing the drug toxicity and describe the AYUSH guideline about toxicity study.


    a) Write down the methods and types of survey studies.

    b)Describe various types of reference style.

    c) Describe in brief the sources of research problem.

    d) Explain Manuscriptology.

    e) Describe Sample Design
f   f) Write down the Errors and Bais in research Methodology.

   g) Describe Data Mining Techniques.

Medical Statistics


    a) Define the qualitative data and describe different methods of presentations of qualitative data.

    b) Write down the definitions, types and laws of Probability.


    a)  Write down merits and demerits of Mode.

    b)  Types of Variability.

    c)  Types of Series
   d)   F test

    e) Random Sampling methods

f   f) Types of Hypothesis.

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MD Prelim –Winter 2019 –Kriya Sharir Question Paper

MD Prelim –Winter 2019 –Kriya Sharir Question Paper


DTP by –Dr Amar Ande

Inspiration & Upload by –Prof Dr R R Deshpande

Upload on --  16 Dec 19

Section A- Ayurvedic Physiology


     a) Describe Ahar Parinamkar Bhava in detail.

     b) Explain the definition, types and importance of prakriti and explain pitta prakriti according to charak.


     a) Samanya Vishesha Siddhant.

     b) Types of ojas and its Vikruti.

     c) Aharmala –Names and their functions.

     d) Tridosha –Triguna relation.

     e) Concept of Atma.

Section B- Modern Physiology


     a) Explain the process of urine formation according to modern science.

     b) Explain menstrual cycle as per modern science.


    a)  Homeostasis –Definition

    b) Types and functions of white blood cell.

    c)  Functions of respiratory system.

    d)  Functions of Liver.

    e) Functions of testis.

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Ayurveda Classes By Prof Dr Deshpande

On line Classes FOR Ayurvedic Students
By Prof Dr R R Deshpande

In Marathi or Hindi or English Medium

Based on CCIM Syllabus From First to Final year of BAMS

For Any subject ( Except Sanskrit)

Ayurvedic & Modern Parts Both

Through Internet ---Skype

To experience My Teaching –

Go to youtube –Type Rajendra Deshpande -- in search –Click on Rajendra Deshpande – Then in the Menu –Click on Playlist -- & Try any Audio or Video

Prof Dr R R Deshpande is in Pune ,Maharashtra .So if any student is living in Pune or can come to Pune ,Maharashtra in Holidays ,he or she can learn personally

But if personal attendance is not possible ,second option is through Skype –on line classes

If any body do not know about skype or do not have facility to get on line classes then another alternative to send your difficult Questions & get answers through mail

All these services are paid services

Any answer will be charged as rs 20 per page .Amount of Total pages will have to be send in advance through Paytm

Please Give me your whats up number 

Please call me on 9226810630 ,any day Except Friday & Sunday from 9 to 11 am --So that we can plan Programme 

On line classes are like one to one or with me & from your side may be 1 or more 
Classes can be taken from 7 to 8 pm on week days ( Not on Sunday ) through Skype only 

So you will have to arrange for Internet & Skype from your Side .Then my Fees for one hour Skype is Rs 100 only for each student ,who is attending from your side

First one hour Skype will be without any fees for Just planning the Programme . If any class is taken with PPT & If student is interested to get PPT through whats up ,he will have to pay rs 20 to 50 more ,depending on Size pf PPT 

Then for further any New 1 hour Skype you will have to make advance payment for Each class ,of one hour Rs 100 through Paytm to my account on 9226810630 --Then only Skype will be done 

If any doubts call me on 9226810630


Prof Dr R R Deshpande

Friday, 15 November 2019

Question about Netra Basti

Question about Netra Basti

Presented By –Prof Dr R R Deshpande on 14 Nov 19

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One of my Fan of you Tube channel asked me  --

Question -- After How many days ,we can give Netra Basti ,after Laser Treatment  to Eye ?

Final Answer – After 8 months of Laser Treatment ,When modern Ophthalmologist  certify that –Now no special  instruction to patient from his or her side & he or she feels patient’s eye after Laser treatment is now normal

Prof Dr R R Deshpande discussed with Ayurvedic Panchakarma Expert & Modern Ophthalmologist

Because Dr Deshpande ,himself has experience regarding Netra Basti .But do not got chance to give Netra Basti ,to the patient of Post Laser Treatment

I feel that even Ayurvedic Panchakarma Vaidyas or Ayurvedic Opthalmologist ,will not be able to produce detail Data ,with proof of case papers in front of scientific communities & even nobody has published this data ( At least these are my opinions as on 14 Nov 19 ) If any body has these documentary proofs ,please let me know on 9226810630

Ayurvedic Doctors think that there is no necessary of Ghee to be autoclaved before Netra Basti –because Medicated Ghee ,it self is like Autoclaved

Dr Deshpande feels –that Ayurvedic Doctor should be very careful ,while doing any thing with Mucosal Lining like Natsya ,Uttar Basti ,Rectal Basti ,Netra Basti etc .Even Dr Deshpande has experience that Foreigners do not mind to take Abhyanga ,Shirodhara from Therapist .But Foreigners insist that Netra Basti ,Nasya ,Rectal Basti should be done by Ayurvedic doctor only

Some -- Ayurvedic doctors think -- that in their long term practice of using oils ,ghee etc for even normal Rectal Basti – No reports of patients with any complications ,suggesting infection ,like Fever ,Burning ,Pain etc  are received -- This is based on fact of follow up taken of patient ,after 15 days ,after completing Rectal Basti –But again No concrete data with case papers or Published article ,based on this data is not available about –No Complications – Documentary Evidences are essential for Ayurved  as a Science to stand in scientific community

Verbal Dialogues & tall claims will not help to Ayurveda as a science .That may help to make one self popular

Modern Ophthalmologist Explained that  --After Laser Treatment 8 to 10 days are very crucial .No bath water from head .No sun & No wind Exposure .No rubbing of Eyes .No strain to eye with Computer ,TV, Mobile etc .To avoid any reaction & inflammation due to that --  after Laser Steroid Eye drops are prescribed for 1 to 2 months .To avoid dryness after Laser –Lubricant eye drops may be prescribed for next 6 months

During Laser –Concern part is Cornea .Which has Nerve supply but no much vascular supply .So healing is difficult .During Laser covering or flap over cornea is open from one part & after laser it is kept back to get adhered automatically to cornea .This flap is just kept back in position ,over cornea .No adhesive is used .This flap by even little things can move away from cornea & that can cause serious consequences .

So Ayurvedic doctors should be very sure that due to Netra  Basti  -- there should not be movement of this corneal flap ,before it gets totally adhered –that’s why Dr Deshpande feels beter Netra Basti can be done after minimum of 6 months after laser

This is because fear of accidental Contamination  during Netra Basti ,Microbial of Medicated Ghee is necessary or not ? Auto clave of Medicated is necessary or not ? Will ,Use of Cotton to remove oil ,can cause movement of Flap of cornea ,if Netra Basti is done before 6 months ,after Laser ?

I request all Experts from Allopathy & Ayurved can express their views

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Dr RRD -UG Teaching in 0ct 19

Monthly Report
( MUHS Circular No – MUHS/EO/3350/2019 ,Dated -5/9/19
Name -- Dr R R Deshpande
Subject – Kriya Sharir
Month – October                   Year – 2019

No of Students Present
9 to 10 am
9 to 10 am
T-Food Ayurvedic Concept
2 to 4 pm
P-Instrument + Dhatu Sarata Schlok