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Golden opportunities for Ayurvedic doctor

Golden opportunities for Ayurvedic doctor

Results of standard 12th have are the milestones in a student’s life. It is extremely important for the students to take the right decisions regarding the career at this turning point in their lives. Allopathy, Ayurved, Homeopathy, Dental etc medical oriented streams or paramedical streams like Physiotherapy, Lab technician, Optometry etc can prove to be right career options for the students from science stream who are interested in biology and those who wish to do something good for the people in the society. But the students who are thinking of opting for Ayurved definitely have a bright future in this field.

The main reason behind this statement is that the present time period is the golden era of Ayurved. It is a matter of utmost importance to seek best quality education from educational institution including expert and experienced staff as well as other all round facilities to become a successful Ayurvedic practitioner. Pune District Education Association’s College of Ayurved And Research Centre, Nigdi Pradhikaran, Pune-44, is one of the top colleges providing such type of quality education. The symbol of such type of quality education given in this college is Ms Priyanka Tendulkar, who secured the first place in Nashik’s Maharashtra University of Health Science in Ayurved stream for all the three years. Due to quality education, ayurvedic treatments like Panchkarma given in the Ayurved hospital, attachments with hospitals like P.C.M.C.’s Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital, along with the local students, students from other states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh often come to seek admission in this college. Not only this ,but also many Professors from the college often visit foreign countries for the sake of promotion of Ayurved. Because of the college’s international fame , Ayurved lovers from countries like America, Spain, and Germany often visit the college for the study of Ayurved.

Once the student completes the B.A.M.S course, he/she has many opportunities available to gain Name,Fame & wealth. Considering one’s interest, capacity, time limit, financial status/background, one should take the possible benefits of these opportunities.

1) Personally owned clinic – After completing the B.A.M.S degree a registration number is given, to the concerned student, by Maharashtra Council of Indian Medicine. According to the Food and Drug rule 299 III, the doctor can practice allopathy as well as ayurved.

2) Post graduate M.D or M.S After completing the under graduate course one can appear for the P.G entrance exam and seek admission in the same college or in any colleges from Jamnagar, Trivendrum, Jaipur, Mumbai,Nagpur ,Usmanabad etc. Amongst the 14 subjects, post graduation in any one subject can be done.

3) Opportunity to become a professor – A Post Graduate doctor with effective teaching skills and with teaching aspirations can become a lecturer, reader, professor, dean etc in Ayurved colleges.

4) Opportunities as a researcher – After completion of the P.G course one stands a good chance of getting a job in the research department of central government of India’s CCRAS or in companies like Dabur, Charak, Himalaya, etc.

5) Start one’s own Pharmaceutical company – A student fond of preparing Ayurvedic medicines, can start his/her’s pharmaceutical company and sell the medicines in the country as well as export these medicines in other countries.

6) Post graduate courses available in other branches - After B.A.M.S post graduation courses in MSc in Health science or hospital management can be taken and one can practice as an expert in these fields.Even while doing MSc in Health Science ,Ayurvedic Doctor can give NET & SET examinations .After which is may be qualified to apply as a Lecturer of PSM in Allopathic MBBS colleges ( For detail contact Dr.Sachin on 9822795363)

7) Further Post Graduation in Foreign countries like America --- Ayurvedic Doctor can take admissions for post graduate courses in America like in Nutrition ,Hospital Management,PSM & then with these degrees he may get a job in America & even he can settle in America ( For detail Ask Dr.Sachin Sarpotdar detail story of his friend Dr.Tilekar ,who has completed his PG education in America after passing BAMS from Hadpsar Ayurved college .)

7) The increasing demands for Ayurvedic experts –  B.A.M.S or M.D doctor can start his/her individual practice as an Ayurvedic doctor, Panchkarma and Yoga expert, which has constantly in rising demands, at the present time, from the society. The major cause of rise in this demand is the positive and negative aspects which any science has. People have started realizing that though the Allopathic medicines prove to be a boon in Acute & Emergency  diseases like Heart Attack ,Paralysis ,Snake Poisoning etc ,Ayurveda’s mild and natural medicines are definitely effective in minor illnesses like cold, fever, cough, vomiting, dysentery, etc. Ayurveda has a major role in Chronic Diseases ,which are mainly caused by Degeneration,Auto Immune problem .The point to be noted is that Ayurvedic medicines don’t show any side-effects which are often seen in case of a majority of allopathic medicines. People have realized that,Fast Life + Fast Food = Fast death.
Wrong lifestyle gives rise to many disorders like obesity, joint pain, hypertension, diabetes, cardiac ailments, etc. And at most of the times even the patient is willingly ready to undertake the treatment of Panchkarma, suggested in Ayurveda for body purification instead of modern medicine treatments.
Ayurved and Yoga are the two sides of the same coin. There is no other remedy available, for managing mental stress, as good as Ayurved and Yoga. Ayurvedic doctors often give Yoga related advice to the patients along with the other treatments.

 8) Opportunity in Government services – After B.A.M.S degree there is a chance to work in Primary health centre or Government hospital as a Medical Officer Class II by appearing for the State Government’s MPSC and Central Government’s UPSC exams.

 9) Acceptance in society for Ayurvedic Experts – After completion of B.A.M.S or M.D. degree along with individual practice or service there is a great opportunity to increase one’s fame by writing various articles related to health sciences in newspaper, magazines etc., publishing books related to health sciences, giving lectures in clubs like  Lion’s Club  or  Rotary club ,Senior citizen’s Group . One can also take part in radio and Television shows related to health. The fact that there is a great demand in countries like America ,Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain for Ayurvedic experts for health related guidance is like cherry on the pie! The most important thing is that this demand is not less than the demand for I.T experts in I.T field!

Hence it can be concluded that students can give priority to Ayurved while choosing career options. In fact it is the need of the present time. So please don’t miss the opportunity of becoming an Ayurvedic doctor.

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