Sunday, 15 March 2015

Suggesstions to AYUSH for Reform of Ayurvedic Education

1)    Suggestions for Conference on Education Reform by AYUSH on 17 & 18 March 2015,in Delhi 

a)    Can mention to AYUSH & Minister Shripad Naik – that Revolution can make changes but progress is mostly depend on Stability of Implementation ( Just in 2012 CCIM has launched New format of Syllabus .So it should not be changed for Minimum 2 batches to be completed of 4 & half year New plan ) 

b)    First Launch Secularism in Ayurvedic Sector .All  types of Ayurvedic colleges like Govt, Aided or Private ,should be treated with same rules & regulations ,rights & duties etc Same salary ,same Fundings ,Same opportunities in different committees. When all these colleges will come on same platform ,then there can be Good comparison & progress. Funding should be given to all Hospitals ,attached to Private colleges for medicines, stay of patients 

c)    One should set the Goal for Short term ( Completion within 1 year) ,Moderate Term – for 3 Years  ( Blue Print for Plan to be Executed after 5 years i.e Total Reform in Education System ) ,Long Term Goal ( To be Implemented after 5 Years) 

d)    Short Term Goal --- for 2015 & 2016 -- Genuine efforts to improve the status of all Ayurvedic Colleges in India up to optimal level .Till then No single New College should be given permission or established .Adequate real full time staff in all colleges, Immediate upload table of Name of Ayurvedic Colleges & their web site ,Immediate upload all mail IDS of all Teachers ,subject wise, for starting Academic & clinical Communication, Immediate preparation of Documentaries on the different remarkable activities of Ayurvedic colleges ,all over india ,Like Best Pharmacies, Best Hospitals ,Best Teachings ,special treatments like Ayurvedic Treatments for Snake Poisoning, Treating Bone fractures  ,Treating Eye disorders etc ,Documentaries on Well known Ayurvedic Practioners in India   .
Next will be starting Call center of Ayush & CCIM ,Starting Suggesstion Box or  Complaint Box on the web site of AYUSH & CCIM ,with immediate compliance facility ,Starting Digital Library on Web site of AYUSH & CCIM ,New Innovation --- Start minimum 8 hours working Television channel by Ayush ,where all the AYUSH programmes will be broadcasted like Documentaries on Ayurveda,Dicussions on various topics of Academic,Clinical ,Research Importance ,Interviews on eminent Ayurvedic Vaidyas & their treatment styles ,Documentaries on various study Tours like Visit to Famous Herbal Gardens in India ,visit to see working of PHC centers,Snake Garden ,Water purification,Sanitation system ,Hospitals for communicable diseases ,Visit to Ayurvedic Pharmacies with GMP norms .

Another short Term Goal – make it Compulsory to all Ayurvedic colleges to upload  on their web site –Abstracts of all MD ,PhD Researches ,completed in their colleges ,within 3 months from the letter 

Another Short Term Goal – With some Incentives ,all Research Directors from all colleges should be asked to submit Titles for various MD ,PhD researches ,in all subjects with Material & methods .This is like Research Project Banks ,from where Ayurvedic students can borrow project ideas
e)    Moderate Term Goal --- For 2016 to 2018 --Disclosing New Reform of Education System ,which may be implemented after 2020 .Declaration of New Syllabus for total duration of Course – for all Years -- & not step by step , ,Detail proforma of Practical & Clinical Journals ,Details of  Practical & Clinical Examination, Specimen Question Papers of all subjects for all the years ,Description of Credit Points , Details of Assessment of students for whole years  ---- For all such type of points --- There should be Continuous open on line Discussions & suggestions with various Teachers of India with core Committee of Reform ,on the New Syllabus ,New Duration of Course which will be implemented in 2020 .Creating Face Book like Social Media by Ayush for on line open discussions & comments .Visit of Core committee of Reform to all Ayurvedic colleges of India for Local discussions ,for understanding Local problems ,Checking  Number of Teachers ,Number of Patients & Infra structure Facilities .Preparation of Text Books in all subjects ,as per New Syllabus in English and if needed in local Languages too 

f)     Long Term Goal – In 2019Mock drill of New Course ,without any stringent laws of Implementation ,with lot of Flexibility & permission in implementation for the course ,for the first Batch admitted in 2019 .But one must remember that if we do not complete our Short & Moderate Term Goals ,then this Long term Goal will be automatically postponed 

g)    Long Term Goal – In 2020 – Actual starting of Education Reform system in AYUSH 

  Presented By --- Prof.Dr.R.R.deshpande ,Pune ,India ,on 15-3-15
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