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Happy International Yoga Day on 21 June 2015

Happy International Yoga Day on 21 June 2015 

From Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande – M - 9226810630

Yoga is not only Gymnastic ,nor it is one hour programme .Like Ayurveda ,Yoga is also Life style .We must try to live yoga life .

What is yoga Life style ? 

Yogaha Samatvam Ucchate ! There is should be balance  in each of our life activity like in eating, sleeping, working, laughing, talking .We should try to avoid extreme in any condition .In Marathi Aati tithe mati  ( Any excess spoils the purpose) .Laziness is bad ,but workaholic is also bad .

Yogasu karma Kaushalam ! Yoga   means developing skill in any of your work .Skillful activity saves your energy ,still gives you satisfaction

Yogastu Chitta vrutti Nirodhaha ! You must have   control on your physical & mental activities .This means there you should not drain away with emotions or your activities .We must use our God gifted power of Intelligence for the same ,to decide what is correct & what is wrong ? 

How then you can recognize that we  have become yogi ,after following above said Yogic Life style ? 

Sukha Dukhe Samet krutva ,Labha alabhav ,jaya ajaye ! – We  ,as a yogi then can remain stable in any odds in our life .Whether we get lottery ticket or we are just earning our bread & butter ,Whether we win or we loose some times, whether we are honored or whether we are criticized 

To become Yogi person or to follow yoga Life Style ,Step by Step guidelines are given by Patanjali Like Yam, Niyam, Asan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyna & Samadhi 

Yam & Niyam are practices for Ethical Code of Conduct & ways for Physical & Mental Hygiene .

Asanas are not like Gymnastic or only Gymnastic .Yea ! Physical postures can improve your physical Flexibility but at the same time ,we must practice to improve mental Flexibility ( By dissolving Ego.) .Asanas are for our stability.
According to Ayurveda Asanas are Koshtha Vyayam ( Exercises for Chest & abdominal organs). Bending forward & backward , we do contraction & relaxation of abdominal muscles .There is pumping like action. This action helps to improve blood supply & circulation to abdominal & chest organs .This improves Nutrition of these organs & elimination of wastes from this part 

Pranayam or Breathing Yogic Exercises are Conservation of Energy Technique .God has given each of us ,specific amount of breaths for our whole life.It is like giving specific pocket money to a son by his father .So it is now son’s responsibility to utilize Pocket money skillfully .Similarly we must try to learn to utilize these breaths carefully & conserve our Life Energy .When we become angry or excited our Respiratory rate increases & we loose lot of Energy. But in calm & stable condition our respiration rate is low .In Pranayam we reduce our respirations per minute & also we make them deep .more powerful.

Pratyhar is training to our senses, for not getting them carried away by our emotions .We  should not become slave of our senses. Rather we should be master of our sensory & motor organs .For this our mind should remain always connected to our Intelligence or Inner conscious.

Dharana & Dhyana is Internal Journey towards Inner Conscious ,which is Divine purity inside. When our outer world is perfectly tuned with Internal world , melody of Joy is created .This is called as Sat Chit Anand ( Eternal Happiness ) .Then we can remain happy, without any reason. This is Samadhi stage of Yoga . Then we can remain Blissful & Joyful at any moment of our life .

Other than Ashtang Yoga , there are other ways to get same results .These yoga types are described as Karma Yoga ,Jnyana Yoga & Bhakti Yoga 

I personally feel Karma yoga i.e Physically remain engaged in activity & keeping balance in it ,is good for Kapha dominant prakruti in Ayurved .Because Kapha people has to take care of their Inertia to maintain Health 

Pitta dominant people should follow Bhakti Yoga ,where we have to keep faith & respect on divine things & surrender in front of them .This is necessary to dissolve Ego of Pitta people .

Mantra yoga is a part of Bhakti Yoga .Om mantra is a Divine Mantra .Why & How ? Om mantra ,really has 3 syllabi A,O & M .A sound vibrations are useful for proper Genesis of Cells .O  Syllabus is for proper Operations ( Functions ) of cell .M sound vibrations makes in time Destruction of degraded cells.So A,O,M syllabi are responsible for Genesis + Operation + Destruction = GOD =Physiology of Body .

Vata dominant people may follow Jnyana Yoga .Jnyana yoga means Knowledge based activities .This can reduce unstability & confusion in Vata people 

For to create awareness ,Yoga Day is Good .

But to to get benefit from yoga ,we must able to understand & digest Yoga Philosophy .Then we can live yoga life & will become Yoga person !!! 

For more detail Philosophy & simple Demonstrations of 


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Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande is running Health Center in Spain for last 15 Years .He has deputed 10 Ayurvedic Doctors till date more than 20 times after proper training .These You tube Videos are prepared during Training programmes .So these practicable 2 days programme is based on time tested 

Experiences .Simple programme ,but well appreciated by foreigners. 

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Schedule E & Ban for cutting Trees

Dear Friends

Today  I had discussion with Dravyaguna Dept staff from my college of Akurdi Pune on 2 topics as 1) Whether there  are Banned Herbs in Maharashtra ,to use it in Ayurvedic Medicines ,because those species are becoming extinct & which are those ? 2) Whether any herbs or other material require License for manufacturing those medicines .For example Ahiphen .Previously Shankhodar vati or Ahiphenasav were available .But today not .What is the reason ?

So I found that there are not very clear ideas about these 2 topics in the minds of teachers & students & many of them do not have Instant substantial Documents to explain above 2 points.

Then I called my Colleague & friend Dr.Sachin Sarpotdar & requested to find out some references .He immediately searched the matter on Internet & send me 2 PDF files with many pages .Thanks for his instant help. Then I personally Edited few pages from that huge bulk of pages & this compilation I am putting on Blog to have permanent reference to my Teacher & Student friends .

Prof. Dr. R. R.Deshpande

From --- F. No.8-14/2004-FP
Government of India
Ministry of Environment & Forests
Forest Policy Division

All The State Forest Departments and other Concerned Persons

Maharashtra: Felling of trees (Cutting) in private lands is regulated by following three Acts:

(i)            Maharashtra Felling of Tree (Act 1964)

(ii)          Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Preservation of Trees Act, 1975

(iii)         The Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966.

Permission for tree felling and transportation of forest produce is generally given by the concerned Dy. Conservator of Forests under the provisions of the Indian Forest  Act.1927 and the rules made there under namely the Bombay Forest Rules, 1942.

16 species

1)    Hirda (Termanalia chebula),

2)    Teak (Tectona grandis),

3)    Mahuwa (Madhuca latifolia),

4)    Tamarind (Tamarindus indica),

5)    Mango (Mangifera indica),

6)    Jack (Artocerpus integrifolia),

7)    Khair (Acacia catechu),

8)    Sandal (Santalum albam),

9)    Bija (Pterocarpus marsupium),

10) Haldu (Adina cardofolia),

11) Tiwas (Ougelnia dulbergoidies),

12) Ain (Terminalia tomentosa),

13) Kinjal or Kindal (Terminalia paniculata),

14) Anjan (Harduchia binata),

     15)     Jambhul (Syzigium cumini),

     16)   Mangrove

are listed in schedule and permission for felling (Cutting)  and transit is required.

In addition, within the district of  Sindhudurg 8 species-

1) Shisam (Dalbergia latifolia),

2) Shivan (Gmelina arboria),

3)  Nana (Lagrstroemia lanceolata),

4) Behada (Terminalia belerica),

5) Kazra (Strychnes nux vomica),?? Kuchala

6) Bhedus (Euginia zeylanica),

7) Pandhra ain (Terminalia arjuna),

 8) Kajoo(Anacardium occidentale)]

are scheduled and covered under Transit Regulation.

Exempted species under timber transit rules are Babul, Subabul, Prosopis, Eucalyptus,Ashok, Moringa, Phoenix, Chiku, Bhendi, Acacia and Poplar.

Second Reference about –

Legal Status of Ayurvedic Siddha & Unani Medicines –Dept  of Ayush

Schedule E (I) List of Poisonous Substances under the Ayurvedic (including Siddha) and Unani Systems of Medicine


I.              Drugs of vegetable origin

1)    Ahipena --  Papaver somniferurn Linn.
2)    Arka --- Colotropis gigantean (linn.) R. Br. Ex. Ait.
3)    Bhallataka  --- Semecarpus anacardium Linn. f.
4)    Bhanga ---  Cannabis eativa Linn.
5)    Danti ---  Baliospermum montanum Mall. Arg.
6)    Dhattura  -- Datura metal Linn.
7)    Gunj  -- Abrus
8)    Jaipala (Jayapala)  --- Croton tiglium Linn.
9)    Karaveera  --- Rerium indicum Mill.
10) Langali  -- Gloriosa superba Linn.
11) Parasilka Yavani --  Hyocyamus inibar Linn.
12) Snuhi  --- Euphorbia neriifolia Linn.
13) Vatsanabha  -- Acontium chasmanthum Stapfex Holm.
14) Vishmushti  -- Strychnox nuxvolnica Linn.
15) Shringivisha  --- Acontium chasmanthum Stapfex Holm.
II.            Drugs of Animal Origin

Sarpa Visha Snake poison.

III.           Drugs of Mineral Origin

1)    Gauripashna  -- Arsenic
2)    Hartala --  Arseno sulphide
3)    Manahashila  -- Arseno sulphide
4)    Parada  -- Mercury
5)    Rasa Karpura  -- Hydragyri subchloridum
6)    Tuttha  -- Copper sulphate
7)    Hingula --  Cinnabar
8)    Sindura --  Red oxide of lead
9)    Girisindura  -- Red oxide of mercury.

So my Dear Friends ,as per my knowledge ,Ayurvedic  Drug manufacturing companies ,should mention on the label of Medicine ,which contain above said substances .For Example Sanjivani Vati contains Bhallatak .So on the Packing of Sanjivani ,there should be mention of Schedule E & it should be sold only with Ayurvedic Doctor’s Prescription.Am I right ?

Our Ayurvedic students should be told of above 2 points ,very specifically .They should be given ready made list of Ayurvedic Medicines ,which contain above said substances

Please share your  thoughts ,with regards to above said 2 points

Or call me – 922 68 10 630