Sunday, 1 February 2015

Open Request Letter to all CCIM Members on 1 Feb 2015

Open Request Letter to all CCIM Members on 1 Feb 2015

From – Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande ,Pune India

Mobile – 9226810630 

In 2015 –CCIM has launched on Line Proforma to be filled by all Ayurvedic Colleges in India. Congrates ! This was expected long before .But CCIM must be aware about Limitations of using Computer software or Digital Technology .This means some time there can be Human Error & some time Computer Error also .So by chance any college make such errors it should be talked & tackled in a very sympathetic approach & not like a big offense .This Technology will also take some time to be get properly digested by Management of colleges. CCIM must avoid henceforth the demand of Hard copy of Documents, making Files of 500 to 1000 pages & that too Files in 5 to 6 in Numbers.

Next Important Expectations – 

1)   CCIM should create a Data Base of Information of various colleges & Repetitions of demand of same Information should be avoided like list of Instruments etc .Only any updates can be asked to upload .

2)   CCIM ask for Time tables & ATP programme from colleges .Now CCIM should declare their Time Table of visitation to different colleges in 2015 

3)   CCIM should immediately upload web site address of all Ayurvedic colleges in India 

4)   CCIM should immediately upload mail IDS  & mobile Numbers of all Teachers of Ayurveda ( List must be subject wise ) ,for  sharing Academic & Clinical knowledge
·        CCIM visitors should be Expert & field --  work person from that subject only ,who can only give justice to particular visitation .If General Ayurvedic Practioner from suburb of Delhi,who is CCIM member , is inspecting Sharir  Rachana dept of Ayurved college in Pune ,he will definitely do not know in & outs of Education system ,which is followed by Rachana Teacher staff .He even may not be knowing of syllabus & implementation of it .

5)   CCIM members should more concentrate on Administration & coordination. Only CCIM members having experience ( Present or Past ) as College Teachers either from Non clinical ,Para Clinical or Clinical Branch ,should be appointed for Inspection. Member without this experience should never be appointed for visit .Because he may not understand Merits & Demerits of college ,by sure .

6)   CCIM should declare ,who have formed a draft of MSR .So any query from Teachers can be directly discussed with the concern person .For Example in MSR of Sharir kriya there are 5 to 6 Instruments, which are not really needed for UG syllabus like Newton’s colour wheel, Viscometer etc .So deletion of such unwanted things should be done on Urgent basis 

7)   CCIM members ,who go for Inspection in different Ayurvedic colleges & Hospitals ,if any nice things are noted , CCIM should  immediately upload that positive things on their web site ( through Audio, Videos, ppts, Texts etc ) ,for sharing with all other colleges  .This Information is equally important as like declaring list of derecognized colleges.

8)   CCIM   visitation should  be user friendly  ,giving equal Importance to actual working of Teachers & Infrastructure or room sizes, number of Charts etc 

9)   Let us take example of Charts – In colleges most of the Departments Charts are prepared as per MSR of CCIM & then they are hanged or pasted in the rooms where Teaching Staff sit .This is just Aesthetic .No body can understand how many time students can utilize those charts ,by coming in Teacher’s room .Actually rolling charts are more useful ,which can be carried in the class rooms for Teaching purpose ,to avoid the writing on board .Now when there are LCD ppt presentations are going on ,there even these rolling charts will be outdated 

10)               CCIM should encourage Teachers to upload their Teaching material on Net ,to make popular E learning concept in Ayurveda 

11)               CCIM  can create separate Menu on their web site – only to give such Nice Links for E learning ( Links of uploads ,done by Teachers & Clinicians from Ayurvedic colleges or from all over India or even other experts of Ayurveda from outside of colleges – This can also be presents with Subject wise menu – For Example Click Ayurveda E learning ----- Click Sharirkriya ---- Click Sharir Kriya Video or Shari Kriya PPTS or Shari Kriya Audios or Sharir Kriya Texts etc .Similarly for all 14 Subjects ) 

12)               CCIM must start Call center or Toll free  Help line for all who wish to communicate with CCIM stake holders from far distances from India .Also there must be one officer in Head office ,who will just take care of the mail communication ,that CCIM received  & just can acknowledge the mails . 

13)               In spite of thinking of derecognizing existing colleges ,CCIM should strictly avoid giving permission of New Ayurvedic Colleges in India ,unless & until ,they full fill all MSR criteria ,including  Number of Hospital patients .Some founders of colleges may claim that Hospital Facilities will be made ,till 3rd year of admitted students .But this assurance should not be allowed .Because Hospital with good number of patients & Herbal Garden ,should be prime requisites ,for starting New Ayurvedic college 

14)               CCIM can now start preparing & uploading Ayurvedic E Samhitas,E Text Books ,Question Bank as per New Syllabus & Data Bank of Research Topics for each subject ,for PG courses .

15)               As far as possible Inspections of Ayurvedic Colleges by CCIM ,AYUSH ,MUHS or Local Medical Universities or State Govt ,should be one & same time in the Year .Their Inspection Proforma also should be one & same .This can save valuable Time & Energy of all Teachers from colleges 

16)               Some of the above points can also asked with RTA ( Right to Ask ) scheme or Law 

Dear Friends ,who have read this letter ,can kindly send their opinions on this matter by mailing me – on