Friday, 5 September 2014

Why to chant --- Ganapati Atharvashirsha ? - By Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande,India

Why to chant --- 
Ganapati Atharvashirsha ?

This is sung by many people many times .But very few try to understand the meaning of the words .Scientific base behind those words .Of course even without knowing meaning ,if anybody chants Atharvashirsha by total faith on God & faith in himself ,he or she will also get benefited ,due to positive sound vibrations created by Mantra .This is a type of Bhakti marga in spiritual progress .Specific Sound vibrations created by Chanting Vedic Mantras is the Base of Music Therapy .This Music Therapy is found to be beneficial in the recovery of ICU patients .Unconscious patients can not perceive the meaning of Mantra .But those specific positive sound vibrations show the positive effects .

In these days there are also some people who are interested to understand the logical explanation for doing any spiritual activity .This is Jnyana marga .If they are convinced ,then they are ready to do any ritual.

So here let us understand some Logical explanation for chanting Mantra of Atharvashirsha .As a common sense we must accept that different types of sounds make different effect on body .For example ,if we talk lovingly with anybody ,he responds well but if we  shout on a child or especially young chap ,they bounce back .So Mantra definitely creates positive energy.

Athrvashirsha word itself has specific meaning .This is made up of A + THARVA + Shirsha .Tharva means unstable .Atharva means Stable .Shirsha means head or brain or mind .So by chanting Atharvashirsha regularly can make your brain or mind or thoughts more stable, calm & happy .Chanting of this mantra is like Tonic in this fast life or Hyperactive life style ,to chilled down our senses .

We must consider Ganesh is a symbol of Intelligence & mouse is a symbol of Vices or bad habits .Like mouse enters in house unnoticed likewise bad habits like drinking alcohol or smoking enter in our personality unknowingly .Mouse damages clothes & food grains, similarly bad habits or bad thoughts damages our mind .Ganesh has a control on the mouse, similarly we our Intelligence must keep control on bad habits or bad thoughts.

Remember Intelligence is a specialty of human being .Try to understand this verse

Aahar nidra bhaya maithunam cha saman etat pashubhihi naranam I  Budhihi visheshat tatra II

Meaning of this verse is that Aahar i.e.Food ,Nidra i.e sleep & Bhaya i.e fear are common instincts in beast & human being .But Buddhi i.e Intelligence in  human is a special thing that differs human from beast .

Buddhi or Intelligence only can solve many problems in our life .When Buddhi works ,life is like a heaven .When Buddhi is not working properly ,we do not keep control on our senses or mind ,the life can become hell .

So to keep our mind stable & sharpen our Intelligence, chant Atharvashirsha ,by understanding it’s meaning.

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