Saturday, 11 July 2015

400 Ayurved MD Theses Abstracts on one Click

400  Ayurved MD Theses Abstracts on one Click
Ayurvedic   Research Database ( ARDB)
on different subjects through one click --  
Ayurvedic Research Database is a Brain Child of Prof. Dr. R. R. Deshpande.

This idea was appreciated by many stakeholders of CCIM,AYUSH,MUHS .But the First person ,who not only appreciated ,but gave opportunity to implement this project through his Institutional web site of IAA was my all time Teacher & idol Prof.Dr.Subhash Ranade .Sir Thank you very much .Unfortunately after few months project could not continued on his web site .Also let us understand first Group of Faculty for this project were Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande,Dr.Sachin Sarpotdar, Dr.Shirish Deshpande, Dr.Nitin Bhise. Thanks to them also.

Data Base of Post Graduate researches ( MD,MS, PhD )for all subjects of Ayurveda should be available on Internet with simple access through one click .This was the dream of Prof. Dr. R. R. Deshpande.

Research based knowledge is the key for the scientific growth and development which can remain and cope with the rapid pace of growth.

Ayurved the “Science of Life” is being popularized in the country and across the Nations. Ayurveda demands some efforts from the experts and academicians of this modern era to put their Database in electronic media. Ayurved College Nigdi ,Pune decided to respond this rising call in a positive way. 

Research has got many domains; out of which, “Invention and Revalidation” are two core concepts. Knowing and explanation of the existing concept is the Invention. Confirmation and Verification of the old facts is Revalidation.

Thousands of the Ayurvedic post graduate and research students have submitted their theses in various universities for their postgraduate and doctoral curriculum.

Due to non-availability of this work on electronic media; our students and researchers face many obstacles to receive the relevant references and to take an appropriate review of the literature.
Each research thesis needs a pre review regarding his/her topic of research. Pre review can give the direction to the new work and can explain the merits and limitations of the research. This project will definitely help to make this review of the past researches. 

This can avoid the duplication of the work and also save the money, time and energy for making pilot observations.

Addressing this urgent need   Prof. Dr. Ragini Patil ,Principal of Ayurved college Nigdi Pune 44 planned and completed  the project of compilation  of  100 theses each in the subject Sharirkriya, Nidan, Dravyagunavignyan, Kayachikitsa . Faculty for this project were  Prof.Dr.R.R.deshpande, Dr.Swati Chobhe, Dr.Yogita Jamdade,Dr.Ila Bhor .CARC got grant of Rs. 1 lakh for implementing this Project .

Future of this Innovative Project – MUHS ,after understanding importance if this project take over this project ,with the title MRDB = Medical Research Data Base .Thanks MUHS .But I wish work of this Project should be made available on MUHS web site through Menu MRDB ,urgently .This is not fair to wait for completion of Data entry of all theses. Work should be uploaded in each week .Am I right friends ?

We are sure that the scholars; researchers, Teachers and practitioners of Ayurveda in any corner of the country can easily have an access to this and will get benefited.

1)  Everybody is requested to visit to following link & get benefitted of ARDB project of Ayurved college ,Nigdi ,Pune 44

2) Let me agree that I am also proud of Jamnagar Ayurved University .Why ? .Here we get full Theses .But  not Abstracts in simple lucid Language .Please click on following Link

3) Also AYUSH has also good collection of Researches in Ayurveda ,with following Link
But think link is little complicated & also can not give direct referances of MD or MS theses in Ayurveda

4) Digital Helpline for Ayurveda Reasearch Articles ( DHARA) .This link also can not give  Abstracts of MD or MS Theses  in Ayurveda

5) Savitribai Phule Pune University has Department of BioInformatics .Here through communication ,we can get some references of Researches .But directly with following Link ,we can not get any readymade information of researches

6) Titles  of Theses of Rajiv Gandhi Health University .by following Click

I  hope this article will help to PG students of Ayurveda for getting ready made links by one click .So please share with many –


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