Friday, 26 July 2019

Kriya Sharir Viva Questions

1st BAMS Final Examination Viva Voice 2019

Compilation --- By Dr Amar Ande

Motivation & Guidance -- Prof Dr R R Deshpande

Date -  --- XYZ

External Examiner  --- ABC

 Internal Examiner ----  ABC

Some Specific Questions by Examiners

1. Derivatives of Hb?
2. Vitamins in RBC formation?
3. Def. of Specific gravity?
4. Areas of Auscultation of Heart sound?
5. How to take Bicep Reflex?
6. Where is insertion of Bicep and triceps tendon? Show on Body?
7. What is Bucket handle movement in Respiration?
8. Why only 80 squares are counted in RBC Practical instead of 400 square?
9. How 10000 Number is inculcate in WBC Practical?
10. What is RBC  & WBC Ratio?
11. What is Erythroblastosis Foetalis?
12. Significance of Systolic and Diastolic Pressure?
13. Which are Bile salts and Bile Pigment? And its Threshold?
14. Which are heamoglobinopathies?
15. What is Lan Steiner’s law?
16. Blood Groups Details and Blood Transfusion?
17. Why Hb is encorporated in RBC’s? Why not Separately in Blood?
18. Arjavam Means?
19. Why Cedar wood oil is only used in DLC Practical?
20. Healing of wounds is quick in which type of sarata?
21. Definition of Serum?
22. Role of Platelets in hemostasis?
23. What does Purpura under the skin Indicates?
24. What is Invivo and invitro coagulation of Blood?
25. Definition of erythropoiesis and its stages?
26. What is shell temperature and core temperature?
27. Difference between Albuminometer and Urinometer?
28. Difference between Lung Volume and Lung Capacity?
29. What is Spirometry?
30. Importance of Prakruti Parikshan?
31.Blood Pressure regulation and harmones responsible for it ?
32. Difference between terms Kshalan, Ruksha, Khara, Parushak?
33. Definition of sarata?
34. Difference between Vyahar and Vihar?
35. What is Ashritvatsal and Uddhatam Medha?
36. Name the Proteins in Plama?
37. Factors responsible for Hb Formation?
38. Types of Agni according to Dosha?
39. Prakruti Nirmankar Bhava?
40. Functions of Rakta Dhatu?
41. Describe muscles required for inspiration and expiration?
42. What is Ejection fraction and its value with significance?
43. Difference between Vriddhi, Kshay and Sarata?
44. What is Clot Retraction?
45. Significance of Bleeding and Clotting time?
46. Difference between Leukemia, leucocytosis and Polycythemia?
47. What is cardiac reserve, cardiac output?
48. Why EF is 60-65 % in normal and not 100%?
49. What is the need of cross match before blood transfusion?
50. Explain Coagulation Process.

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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

MD Final Year – Practical Examination

Presented & Uploaded By –
Prof Dr R.R.Deshpande
Ph – 9226810630

MD Final Year – Practical Exam + Viva – Example of Reality

Vd. XYZ    Final Year MD viva -  Date --  XXX
Examiners ---  ABC

Questions –

Practical (Modern Part) - RBC count

1.  Parts of microscope, lens types, magnification of lens?
2.  RBC Full form and Alternate name?
3.  What is Erythropoiesis and its Stages?
4.  Name of Neubaur’s chamber, which one we use?
5.  Normal value of RBC?
6.  Shape of RBC and its reason behind being so?
7.  Result of Practical Conducted?
8.  How to conduct / perform RBC practical?
9.  Who invented Microscope?

Ayurved Practical – Agni Parikshan
1 How to do Agni Parikshan?
2 Difference between Rasa and Rakta Dhatu as per karya?
3 Similarities or difference between Rakta Dhatu and Blood explained by modern science?

Departmental Project-
Title -- Sharir Kriya in Sushruta Samhita
No Questions. Got Appreciation instead (More than expected).

1. Why you selected this topic?
2. Why sample size is less?
3. Whether Prakruti and Agni parikshan is done with different aspect such as Agni as per Desh, Agni as per Ritu, Agni as per kaal?
4. Thesis PPT?

Presentation for Teaching Skill
Heamopoeitic System.
Questions on Teaching skill-
Heamopoetic  System presentation, Properties of RBC, Composition of Blood.

Log Book,  Journal – No questions Asked.
General Viva on -  Digestive System as per Ayurved, Agni, Avasthapak, Vipak.