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Real meaning of Diwali or Deepavali by Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande on 30-10-13

Real Meaning of Diwali or Deepavali
Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande ( 922 68 10 630) ,
uploaded on 30-10-13

Deepavali is the Festival of Light,Festival of Brightness,Festival of Enthusiasm,Festival of Energy.This Festival is a Gathering of Joyful events of 3 or 4 days.

Narakchaturdashi,Laxmipujan,Padva ( Bala pratipada),Bhaubeeja – Each day explicit some cultural thought,cultural Philosophy

1)  Narakchaturdashi – It is also called as Kali Chaturdashi.Kali means power or strength ,utilized for demolishing Demon activities.King Narkasur became devil due to his extra strong physical power.He was nuisance to common man .He was doing sexual harassment of women.On this particular day of Diwali, this beast or animal  like Narkasur was killed by God Krishna.To celebrate this victory of Divine over Devil ,people lightened their houses,cities & roads.So begins Festival of Light.

2)  Laxmi Pujan --- Laxmi means Goddess of Wealth.Pujan means worship.This is the day to worship wealth .Indian culture explained 4 goals of Life as Dharma ( Righteous duties) ,Artha ( Acquiring wealth) ,Kama ( Enjoyment of Life) & Moksha ( Eternal Happiness) .Indian culture has never disregard the Importance of Wealth  or Laxmi.Laxmi is given respect as mother. Wealth is like Energy or Power. It should have base of Dharma or Righteous duties.By utilizing it positively ( for self, Family, Society, Charity) ,person can enjoy godly activities. Acquiring & using wealth in negative way ( Black money) ,can make person like a demon .Then he will not get Moksha ,that is Eternal & Long lasting Happiness & Satisfaction.Businessmen, merchants worship their Accounts diary .Actually everybody of us also can review our Life Book on this day .We have to debit anger,jealousy,hatred,greed,bitter moments & must credit positive qualities like Love,Faith,Enthusiasm

3)  Padva ( Bala Pratipada) – New year is called as Balapratipada.King Bali was famous for his generosity & Donations.We must remember these qualities of Bali on this day.God Vishnu believes  that Wealth ( Kanak in Sanskrit) & Woman (Kanta in Sanskrit) ,if not understood properly ,can make person blind in the attraction of Wealth & woman. Person can not then discriminate Good & Bad. So God Vishnu teaches us to look towards Wealth & Woman in a respectful manner ( Laxmi Pujan & Bhau beeja,these 2 days are representing this Theme)

4)  Bhau beej – Bhau means brother. Person should look towards any woman ( Except his wife) as a mother or sister & try to protect her

Deepavali is Festival of Lights .Everybody lights oil lamps ,Lanterns. This is O.K, Good, Fine. But more important is to light the inside lamp. Greed & Ignorance are dark side of our life .Knowledge is a lamp ,which removes our Ego, Greed ,Jealousy & make our life more beautiful & meaningful.

On Narakchaturdashi ,kill our demon like habits of Laziness,Unclinliness,Lust,Selfish,Ego etc.On Laxi pujan we must understand importance of wealth ,acquired in a righteous way ,in our Life.On Balapratipada we have to make Balance sheet of our life Book.On Bahu beej ,we must learn to respect women.

New year is for New ,holy determinations ,forgetting past darkness .If these cultural Teaching could ignite our inner conscious ,then every day in our life will be Deepavali .Am I right ?

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Happy Diwali to you all !! God bless you !!

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