Thursday, 15 May 2014

Feed Back after Medicine Seminars

Feed Back of Miss Sayali Kulkarni  student of 3rd Year Student of Ayurved College ,Nigdi Pune 44 – After completing my Medicine Seminar Course

Sayali Kulkarni <> wrote:

Respected Sir,
             Attending your medicine classes was really nice experience. Lecture were full of knowledge. Your teaching method was unique so that medicine became very easy to understand. The knowledge you gave is theoretical as well as of clinical importance. Definitely it will be useful in our practice also. Techniques & media used for teaching were good.

             Your classes were revision of discipline ,which made me again regular & punctual. Division of 40 lectures was characteristic. Systemwise study of medicine was really systematic. You gave us Ayurvedic aspect of medicine also. We got the information of latest drugs & Ayurvedic propritory  medicines also. The PPT presentation of ';G.P.'; was of great innovation & interest ; I enjoyed it too. Lectures on ECG were very useful & easy to understand. Basic knowledge , tricks & mnemonics of ECG will help us in diagnosis.

               Your knowledge, clinical experience, teaching skill & valuable guidance will help us to get success in exam & practice also. I am feeling lucky ,who got opportunity to get knowledge from such a knowledgeable person.

                Thank you very much!
                                                                                                - Sayali Kulkarni.

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