Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Ayurvedic Health Spa

Dear Friends

Namaste !! I have very interesting & challenging offer to you .This offer is personally for you first  .But I know that everybody of you very well settled in your service or Practice and you may not be in a mood to think of any Extra than your routine . Then you can forward this mail to N number of people ,who you know very well .If you or any of your friend are interested in this proposal then contact me immediately – 922 68 10 630 .

What is offer ? – To Develop Ayurved & Yoga Health Spa in Kokan,Near Ratnagiri ,Maharashtra state ,with or without Guidance of Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande,Pune

Background for this offer --- Prof.Dr.R.R.deshpande ,is coordinating Activities of Health Spa in spain ,since last 15 years .He himself visiting many European countries .But more Important is he has trained & deputed 10 doctors for 22 times in foreign countries .Some of the names are Dr.Sachin Sarpotdar 6 times ,Dr.Nitin Bhise ( Past student & now Lecturer of CARC) 5 times ,Dr.Jasmin Sant ( Pradhan – Past student of CARC ) 1 time etc

Prof.Deshpande knows very well that European people prefer to visit Ayurvedic Health Spa first to Spain ,followed by Sri Lanka,Kerala & Goa .Basically because of beautiful Lanscape at these places with Quality Ayurvedic service with excellent set up as per expectations of Foreigners.

Maharashtra is little lagging in this aspect of Ayurvedic Health Tourism – Because of less places available with Nature & second is problem of Investment in land & Developing Infrastructure .And here is the opportunity ,Dear friends ,through Dr.Deshpande – One of his friend can provide us Land & Infrastructure -- & then we need Team of dedicated Ayurvedic Doctors & Therapist to develop & run this Ayurvedic Spa .Place is near Ratnagiri ,Kokan,Maharashtra state

So I appeal to all that come forward to take this opportunity make a dream of Great Businessman to run this type of Spa --- So why to wait – Call me --  922 68 10 630  & better me personally to discuss in detail --- waiting for you –

Your Ayurvedic Friend

22-12-12 ( Saturday)

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