Monday, 10 March 2014

Ayurveda , Yoga & Panchakarma Training Programme -- Basic Course -- By Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande

Ayurveda , Yoga & Panchakarma Training Programme  -- Basic Course

Day s
Theory Lectures
1st Day
Introduction, aim & objectives, Definition of Ayurveda
Constitution analysis and Questionnaire and interview training

Concept of health  in Ayurveda

Relevance of Ayurveda in 21st century

2nd Day
Specialty Branches of Ayurveda
Shiro   Abhyanga 

Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda-Theory of Five elements  & Tridosha Siddhanta

Samanya  Vishesh Siddhanta

3rd Day
Tridosha Theory Elaboration
Abhyanga  & Swedana

Vata   Physiology

Significance of Vata in the body.

Vata  pacifying  Therapies

4th Day
Pitta  Physiology
Netra Basti &  Netra  Tarapan

Significance of Pitta In the body.

Piita pacifying therapeutic modalities.

5th Day
Kapha  Physiology
Udvartan, Lepa

Significance of Kapha  in the body

Kapha pacifying therapeutic modalities.

6th  day
Ayurvedic  aspect of  Diet, Types of Food  components
Kaval , Gandush

Influencing factors on digestion
Indian Cooking Principles and Some Recipes.

Concept  of Agni and its various types

Meal  Management and Diet Planning  with dietary  counseling

7th  Day
Sensory and Motor organs and their Physiology.
Karnapuran,  Anjan

Mind and its functions

8th  Day
Yoga as a science of Spirituality.

Yoga  Postures  and  Pranayam  training

Ashtanga   Yoga

9th day
Daily regimen & Seasonal Impact on body functions.
Matra  Basti

Season al lifestyle adaptation and  modification

Impact of age on body functions

10th   Day
Three pillars of Life (Trayopa stambha)
Facial massage and Face pack application, Padabhyanga

Natural urges  and their physiological role

Concept of   Beauty as per Ayurveda.


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