Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ayurveda ,Yoga & Panchakarma Training Program- Advance Level 2 - By Prpf.Dr.R.R.Deshpande

Ayurveda ,Yoga & Panchakarma Training Program- Advance Level 2
Day 1
Introduction to Ayurvedic Treatment.  i.e.( Shaman & Shodhan )
Shali Shashtik Pindaswedan

Panchakarma therapy features

Panchakarama therapy indications and operational details.

Day 2
Various types of Snehan
Patra Pottalli Sweda

& Swedan

Indications and Contraindication

Day 3
Vaman  Therapy (Therapeutic emesis)  procedure details.

Vaman  Procedure

Indication and contra indication

Day  4
Virechan  Therapy Details.(Therapeutic purgation)
Virechan  procedure operational demo.

Indication and Contraindications

Day 5
Basti Therapy (Therapeutic enemata) Various types and utility.
Rajayapan Basti
Day  6
Nasaya Procedure (Nasal Instilation)
Pradhaman Nasya and Guda Shunthi Nasya  Nasya

Various Types and indications

Day  7
Rakta Mokshan       (Blood  letting)
Leaches application

Various methods
Venous puncture.

Indications and Precautions.

Day  8
Antiageing and  Rejuvenation Therapy.
Tikta Ksheer Basti
(Basti with medicated milk)

Day 9
Weight management program in Ayurveda
Lekhan Basti

Day  10
a)   Ayurvedic  Joint Care
b)   Ayurvedi c antenatal care (ANC)
Agnikarma  and  Marma Massage

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