Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Suggestions Given by Prof. Dr. R. R. Deshpande, to Inspection committee during Teacher’s meeting, at MUHS LIC visit on 4th April 2014

1)   MUHS ,should upload Subject wise Teacher’s List ,with E mail ID & Phone number only ( Not with other details like Birth Date, Designation, Approved date etc etc) --- Because this List is meant only for communication for Academic discussions, Sharing experiences ,Knowledge, Skill & also difficulties.

2)   MUHS web site ,should have search Engine like Google that if any one types any word ,all the pages containing this word ,should be seen on the screen as a list ( For example if I type word ‘Sharir kriya’ in the bracket of search Engine – it should show all the pages having the word Sharir Kriya in the web site – Same like Google search )

3)   MUHS web site – should have Section of Academic & Clinical data Base – in which Cloud SYSTEM  should be adopted ,with unlimited storage of Data Base .In this section Excellent work of a person or a Institute or a Ayurvedic Hospital should be made available .It should contain Excellent Videos, Audios,Text, PPTS, Images, Lectures or Interviews of Teachers ,Physicians  from all affiliated Ayurvedic colleges of Maharashtra.

4)   CCIM,MUHS, AYUSH –should avoid the duplication of Documents ,demanded during each visit ,making bulky files of thousands of pages. Better all the Information should be always in CD or DVD format ,as a soft copy.( It can minimize wastage of Papers, Time & Energy) .

5)   MUHS ,should intimate to all teachers through personal mail only about Time Table of BOS or Academic or Senate meetings ,with proposed Agenda or Subjects & must Email & ask ,whether any Teacher want to share or suggest something ,for this particular meeting. ( Any mail can be send to Group of people ,at a time )

6)   CCIM or MUHS ,if want to implement any New resolution or Decision ,then there should be minimum 1 year breathing period for concern Teachers, concern Ayurvedic Colleges for Implimentation. Suppose MUHS has prepared a format for Sharir Kriya Journal in Feb 2014 & send circular asking implementation for the students , who are appearing in Summer 2014.This is very wrong .This circular ,rather should say that it is expected to execute Feb 14 decision ,till Feb 2015 . This is ideal .Why there is so Hurry & worry of Implementation, as if this is decision of Bypass surgery to decide Life & Death?
7)   The last but not least ,if University Authority or Committee members ,receive such type of suggestions ,it is the Accountability ,Humanity & Manners that  concern people ,first should immediately Acknowledge suggestions & also better to Inform the opinions & progress regarding suggestions .Then only any time in future Teachers will keep his enthusiasm to suggest some Good things .If any thing like this will not happen ,the Teacher will be frustrated regarding giving any suggestion & will lose his interest of Interaction with Stake holders or Decision makers .
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   Thanks for all .Your Ayurvedic Friend,
                            Ayurved college,Akurdi,Pune 44

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