Thursday, 5 September 2019

Treatment for Jaundice

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For 5 September 2019

Treatment for Jaundice

Here we will talk only about Jaundice ,which is commonly seen in the society as Epidemics .Due to drinking of Contaminated water or eating contaminated food ,due to Virus A ,there is inflammation of Liver .This is Hepatitis A . Liver is the main factory of Metabolism or Digestion .

Most important part of Treatment is taking minimum 3 weeks full rest .This helps to restore the functions of Liver . Fatty or oily substances should be avoided .But to keep up energy , Glucose can be taken .Water should be boiled for minimum 20 minutes before drinking

Myself Prof Dr R R Deshpande has conducted very Nice clinical Trials with Renowned physician Dr S Y Wagh ,regarding Hepatitis A . we gave Tab Arogyavardhini 3 tab 3 times a day with Kumari Asav no 1 – 4 tsf with equal amount of water for 15 days
We took control group also which was managed symptomatically with Modern Medicine

Group treated with Ayurvedic Drugs found to have Excellent results .They regain appetite more faster & also elevated Bilirubin levels came down earlier with compare to control Group .But these medicines should be taken after consultation with Family Doctor .Tablet Arogyavardhini is Herbo mineral preparation .So it should be of Authentic Ayurvedic Pharma company Like Baidyanath or Ayurved Rasashala ,Pune .

Some other useful Medicines are Tab Liv 52 from Himalaya Company or Kutki Ghan vati from Chaitanya Pharma – 2 tablets 3 times a day

Although I have explained you about Hepatitis A ,I am interested to tell you that Bhumyalaki ,medicinal Herb is found to be very useful ( Bhumyamalaki Ghan vati or Tab Nirocil from Solumix company ) in Serum Jaundice or Hepatitis B or C or D

Kindly Note – Do not keep any superstition .Do not visit any fake Vaidu or unauthorized person ,to get treatment for Jaundice like putting any string on wrist or in neck or putting any juice in the nose or getting any medicines in curd etc

Get your Jaundice Treated from Authentic Doctor & prevent Hepatic coma ,which causes death of a person 

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