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Types of Jaundice

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For 4  Sep 2019

Types of Jaundice

By Prof Dr R R Deshpande ( M- 9226810630 )

Types of Jaundice

There are main 3 Types

1)   Infective Hepatitis –Due to Virus A ,due to drinking Contaminated water .Anorexia ,Nausea ,Pain in abdomen are main Symptoms .Urine shows Bile Salts & Bile Pigments .Serum Direct  Bilirubin ,SGPT Levels are High .Physical Rest for 3 weeks is main Treatment

2)   Serum Hepatitis – Due to Virus B .Australia Antigen test of Blood is Positive . History of Blood Transfusion or STD ( Sexual Transmitted Disease) .Chronic in nature . Complications like Liver Cirrhosis & Liver Cancer may occur

3)   Obstructive Jaundice – This is due to obstruction from Gall stones or any Tumor in CBD ( Common Blie Duct ) .In addition to Jaundice there is Spasmodic Pain in abdomen ,Severe Itching of the body .Serum Alkaline Phosphatase level is  high/Confirmation is done by sonography or USG of abdomen ,specially of Liver & Gall bladder 

Which are the other diseases ,where Liver is Enlarged ( Hepatomegaly ) & Jaundice ?

1)   Leptospirosis – This is Infective disease caused by Leptospira .This Spirochaete is present in rats & is excreted in their urine .They enter the human body through abrasion or wound in the skin ,in rainy season .This is common in sewage workers ,miners ,rice or cane sugar field workers . There is High Fever + Jaundice + Haemorragic tendency .Urine & Blood test confirm the diagnosis

2)   Amoebic Hepatitis – History of repeated Amoebic Dysentry ( Amoebiasis = E.histolytica is found in stool Examination ) .Hepatomegaly ,Liver is tender ,Splenomegaly ,Jaundice ,marked anorexia ,White Blood cells are less .No Bile salts & Bile Pigments in Urine

3)   Carcinoma or Cancer of Liver – Middle aged patient ,Liver is hard & nodular .Gradual weight loss + Anorexia .Jaundice progressively increases .Metastatic glands may be present in neck .No Fever ,No Splenomegaly .USG Abdomen & Biopsy can confirm Diagnosis

4)   Acute Malaria – Typical pattern of periodical Fever is prominent .There are  cold stage ( Rigor or Shivering ) ,Hot stage ( High Fever) ,Stage of sweating .Splenomegaly is more than Hepatomegaly .Anorexia is absent .Jaundice is mild & of Haemolytic type .No Bile salts & Bile Pigments in Urine .MP ( Malarial Parasite) can be seen in PBS ( Peripheral Blood Smear )

So what is to note –that First we have to confirm ,cause of Jaundice .Then only take proper Treatment .So only saying --- There is No Treatment for Jaundice – So let us take Ayurvedic Treatment for Jaundice ! One can take treatment from any pathy .But do not do any thing Blindly .Diagnosis is First & then only Treatment .

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